empowering homemakers




Do you want your child to grow up to be a happy, positive individual? Are you one?

Bringing up a child and shaping a responsible citizen out of them is a huge social responsibility. It requires certain level of maturity and understanding and most importantly strength of character. Unfortunately, we as a society have never felt the importance of such an issue.

The world has evolved and women empowerment is the talk of the day but till date most of Pakistani women are homemakers by profession by getting married off right after graduation. With little chance to step into the real world and study the dynamics of life they are burdened with the daunting task of adjusting in a wholly new environment surrounded by strangers and in most cases also a husband they met the first time on their wedding night. Along with the struggle to find their foothold in this brand-new setup, having kids simultaneously does not help at all. In most cases, during initial years of marriage there is a constant cold war like aura in the house with an insecure mother in law and overbearing and interfering extended relatives. A girl’s mind is always preoccupied with thoughts such as not to upset her mother-in-law, cook perfect food for the husband and in short be the perfect bahu in order to not let down her parent’s upbringing. After a whole day of fulfilling household responsibilities, her kid comes in last and unfortunately has to face the brunt of what she has been facing all day. After feeding, bathing and putting the child to sleep she considers her job done. She hardly gets the time to engage her kid in various activities, to explore different facets of childhood and integrate good values in her offspring. She does not get to bond with her children and find out how unique they are. Children are ever inquisitive but her only answer to their gazillion questions all day is ‘shush, Mom is working’ or ‘Mom is tired’. When they are being naughty she yells at them without realizing kids are supposed to be like that and cannot be subjected to fixed regimes. If a kid fancies skipping their afternoon nap or refuses to finish their meal she just scolds them instead of taking time out of her busy schedule to provide variations in their child’s food and everyday activities.


Stuck in this vicious routine, a woman also tends to get bitter and in resentment sometimes starts cursing her fate without realizing that her child will subsume this negativity. At the end of the day, a woman is responsible for shaping a country’s future. She absolutely cannot convey any kind of positivity to her children if she is not at peace within. We need to understand that a girl should be given a little time to find her footing in the real world before marrying her off. She should be well aware before having a child what that construes in terms of her priorities and she should be decided on what kind of a person she wants to be because at the end of the day her child will be her reflection. Please do not let bitterness carry into the future generation by being too hasty about marriage and having children.



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