After a month of dance rehearsals, two weeks of wedding functions and an emotionally draining Rukhsati, a bride wakes up in her new home and she is already a mess. Months and months of wedding preparations have taken a toll on her health. All the totkas by the nanis and daadis did not bear much fruit amidst the constant haggling, running after designers, planning functions, last minute fix ups and sending out invites. She had dreamt of a grand affair and it was certainly one but at the same it has left her drained.

Today’s girl knows what kind of a wedding she wants and she is also a given a free hand to do as she wishes. Of course, it’s HER big day, but wedding planning is a humungous task and it is a bit exhausting for the bride. A bride should be relaxed and carefree prior to her marriage with ample time on her hands to spend with her own self and her close ones. Keeping this in mind, a new concept called ‘MASHALIMA’ has been introduced by a few couples and its fast catching up. A Mashalima is a single grand wedding function which encapsulated the soul of a mehendi barat and walima. On a Mashalima, you can have your dance competitions, do all the mehendi specific rituals and also send off the bride in so many colours and laughter. An elaborate meal with varied food options also spares you the headache of coming up with different menus for three separate functions. Friends and relatives can simply chat with each other, mingle with the bride and groom, have amazing food and happily rejoice in the reunion of two soul mates. This way, one can also avoid arguments and confrontations which is one added baggage of ongoing, never-ending wedding functions where one thing or the other does go amiss amongst the entire hullabaloo. One added quirk of a single wedding function is that your overseas friends and relatives, who are usually on a limited time roll, can fly in for a single day and experience the vibrancy of a desi wedding in a single grand affair. With multiple wedding functions, such relatives can only make it to the reception and are thus sorely missed on the mehendis.

Also, money saved from avoiding long dholki and mehendi functions could be better utilized for gifting the bride with something which will help further her life goals. Maybe a car so that she can commute to her workplace, a baker’s kitchen if she is an aspiring confectionist or best of all, a grand honeymoon package for the couple. This will definitely add to the golden moments of their new journey together.

Next time there is a wedding in view, tell the couple to say adieu to stressful weddings and have a bash aka a ‘MASHALIMA’ in order to make their memorable times as newlyweds even more beautiful.


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