for four days, i was completely immersed in a novel and didn’t catch even a glimpse of news, given that i am obsessed with current affairs. i have just tuned in and found out that the world has been faring ‘well’, going faster than ever towards its end and travelling at a bullet’s speed on the path of self-destruction. so much has been lost and so many ‘huge’, frightening statements given by leaders. who would have imagined that war would be mentioned as a closest possibility and that too so casually. peace is not on the cards for many, and they are not hesitant to voice their opinions. they are taking responsibility for the atrocities they committed and expressing their wish to do more to crush humanity. when their real face was shown to the world, they did not hesitate to admit what they had done. if we couldn’t shame them, and the world doesn’t blame them, then what is left is war. its time, what we did not realize was that it would come so quickly.


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