What Are The Trends For Fall/Winter 2016 -2017

What Are The Trends For Fall/Winter 2016 -2017

Each year fashion weeks give us a new style mantra and we follow suit by heading to the stores to pick our favorite pieces. This time it’s no different. Trends this fall had a very measured and muted color pallet. Earthy shades with an occasional hit of bold red or deep burgundy were accompanied by a deluge of mauve and pink. The coolest part of this season’s apparel was that most separates used to compliment statement pieces are probably lying right there at the back of your closet. So those white button-downs, silk tunics, over-seized sweaters and hoodies in your wardrobe will now come in handy.

List of trends to follow

Age is just a number but when you are beyond your 30s, you don’t want to look like a wannabe teenager in halter tops and skimpy dresses.  Our job is to pick and choose trends from the fall collection that are more suited for a working woman who can attend personal and professional gatherings in them.

This coming season, you must have the following outfits in your closet to pull off an elegant and stylish look:

Puffer and Leather Jackets

You can replace your denim jacket you roughed up in the 20s with a leather one now. Also, this season’s glossy and colorful puffer jackets and shearling bombers worn over midi dresses and kick flares will give you a promising look for winters.


This fall, add a turtleneck to your wardrobe and you are good to go. Style it with some of the lightweight pieces in your closet and you will be bang on trend! It is super-easy to carry off without worrying about your body type and totally legitimize those slinky slips, and low cut cocktail dresses when you wear them over long sleeve shirts in broad daylight!

Cashmere Sweater

A soft cashmere sweater paired with a pencil skirt is the ‘it’ outfit to be worn at office or dinners.

Trench coats

Chic yet functional patent leather trench coats are absolutely drool-worthy. Wear them over denims for the streets and as office-wear when combined with a sheath dress.


Pantsuits got a reincarnation this season and we are not complaining at all. Perfect for every body type, they have now become the ‘it’ trend. They are slim, stylish and suitable for boardroom meetings as well as a night out.

Mini-skirt suites

Stop worrying about your age. You can still rock the mini-skirt like anything. Pull out those white-button downs from your closet and pair them with color-contrasting tweeds for your office look.


Ruffles are so fall with that layering factor! This year, they came with wearable designs and are no longer over-the-top. You can fashion structured ruffled tops over silk pants for formal evenings.

Sheath dresses

If you are a woman in your 30s, you want a more collected look; something that gives off sophisticated vibes, and sheath dresses are one of those outfits. Sheath dresses with stand-out prints can really flatter your frame and are super-easy to carry off with style.   

Plaid Overcoats

This year, take inspiration from menswear and stack your closet with a couple of plaid coats in subtle, muted tones which can be pulled over cocktail dresses or outerwear too.

Double-breasted coats and blazers

You must be having both these in your closet but you can now totally nail the ‘woman with substance’ look with elegance by adding a wool or tuxedo blazer to your collection as well.







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