Invest In a Professional Photographer

Invest In a Professional Photographer

Every girl dreams of a magical wedding. The day she gets besotted, she lets her imagination take her to the land of fairies and princesses, surrounded by a thousand crystal chandeliers, flowers and love all around. She envisages herself and her handsome groom, covered in fairy dust, standing below intricately knit arbors; saying the two words ‘I do’; which will bind them infinitely, irrevocably, forever.

These moments are meant to be captured just like they were imagined and only a good photographer can create memories that can be reminisced way past their time. Therefore investing in a good photographer would be the wisest decision you will ever make on your wedding.

Five Reasons why one should invest in a professional photographer

  1. Wedding expenses have skyrocketed in the past few years and in a bid to follow the hottest trends, couples spend a chunk of their budget on booking lavish venues, ridiculously extravagant cuisines and day inspirations. It’s important to note that DIY tin can lanterns and paper flower arrangements that might seem terrific on Pinterest and Youtube, will probably look like junk if they are not captured on reel by a highly creative photographer. Also, copying every cool new trend blindly is not the wisest thing to do as current trends will eventually fade with time only to be replaced by something even better.
  2. A few years down, your wedding album should look gorgeous and elegant, not a testimonial to how much budget you dished out at the decorations that day. Without spending the budget on random extras, keep your focus on creating something timeless, simple and classic which would translate nicely onto a wedding album even when viewed after 30 years.
  3. Treasured moments, if not captured on time, are gone forever. In a bid to save their budget, instead of hiring a professional photographer, couples tend to rope in a friend or relative who is good with a DSLR with a popular Instagram following to do the photographer’s They don’t realize that there is so much more than a click of a button that goes into a single shot. Those who think,“why should I spend thousands of dollars on something that lasts only a single day?” should know that once the day ends, wedding photos are the only way they can re-live the moments from the most important day of their life.
  4. An experienced photographer can make your wedding look even better than it actually was. They know how to add those meaningful touches and details to your photos and capture all those sweet emotional moments that can only be felt when two people come together to form a bond of love. At the same time, a failed photographer can make a million dollar wedding look like total crap as they wouldn’t know when to take the best shots.
  5. A good photographer can anticipate things before they happen and have the ability to highlight beautiful aspects of your day that even you might not be aware of. They possess the expertise to produce well-composed shots and bring out the best in your wedding using excellent lighting techniques.

The best part of investing in a good photographer is that when you open your wedding album, it reads like a storybook, revealing the events of your wedding in a dream like manner where emotions are uncovered, one stunning shot at a time, till its conclusion.



Leggings As Pants-Yes or No?

Leggings As Pants-Yes or No?

Leggings are the most versatile piece of clothing till date but they have also been a part of a long-running debate. The world is still at loggerheads with the idea of leggings as pants. Leggings have metamorphasized over the years and seen various trends. Now they have become a closet staple no one is willing to let go of.

Why women wear leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable items you can wear. The best thing about leggings is that they are multi-purpose. You can snuggle in your bed with them and you can attend a party with those same leggings. I will not impose any sort of opinion on you. I just want you to decide for yourself if it’s something you must be including in your wardrobe or not.

Let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts of a woman wearing leggings. In this article I will talk about the types of leggings, latest trends to follow as well as share tips on how to wear them.

Types of leggings

First I would educate you about various types of leggings so that you can style them like a pro!

  • Footless (Ankle Length) – They are the standard ones essentially like tights without the feet
  • Calf Length – They sit just below the knee or mid-calf
  • Stirrup Style – This legging style partially covers your foot and is best when worn with boots.

Colors of leggings

The most flattering color for leggings is black. A black pair of leggings, when worn with any type of tunic, short or long, does an amazing job. There is lesser chance your camel-toe would be visible in black, and they literally go with everything and anything. I would advise you to keep a few spare black ones and also some other neutral shades that can be paired with any top. Light grey legging outfits are a safe option.

If you are planning to go for patterned non-pants, I would advice to pick something that is light on the eyes.

Don’ts of wearing a legging:

If you are following the below stated rules, you are on the right track as far as leggings are concerned

  • Avoid leggings with crazy patterns on them
  • Avoid bright neon colored leggings
  • Don’t wear black faded leggings
  • Wear the right underwear
  • Don’t wear ill-fitted or loose leggings
  • Don’t wear see-through leggings
  • Avoid shiny leggings
  • Make sure leggings are exactly your size
  • Don’t wear leggings that have a tear in them
  • Only wear white leggings when you are wearing a dress or tunic over them
  • Only wear leggings which you are comfortable with when wearing in public

How to wear leggings

Make sure your shirt or tunic goes past your butt with leggings on. It’s extremely embarrassing for others and especially for your own self if you have a cameltoe and you are standing completely unaware of it. Look yourself up in the mirror before heading out. If your shirt is a little short and doesn’t cover your camel toe, wear a longer tank top under it or go for a long shirt and leggings outfit. Lack of self-awareness can land you in highly awkward situations especially when riding public transport or standing at bus stops. You cannot be flashing in the front or back just for an outfit. You must wear leggings with a top that completely covers your butt. You can wear leggings with a short shirt on top but only when hitting the gym but make sure they are heavy enough and don’t get transparent when you are crouching or bending forward when doing crossfit or yoga. If you still feel the pairing might be a little immodest, recall if you have ever seen someone wearing a similar pairing. If yes, did you see people giving them awkward glances or taking pictures from a corner?

Leggings are super-comfortable, and I would recommend you to definitely wear them keeping the above stated rules.

Can plus size wear leggings?

It is a wide misconception that heavier-set ladies cannot wear leggings. You just have to know the tricks to wearing it with the right tunic top and accessorize it accordingly. The best way to carry plus-size tunics with leggings would be to wear it with a belt. It shows off your curves just in the right proportion. Choose plus sized legging outfits wisely, it should be something that would not make you look like a shapeless bag of potatoes. A shirt that is tight around your bust and is almost knee-length would really project your figure nicely.

Leggings for travel

Although leggings as pants have not yet been universally accepted as a permanent part of one’s wardrobe, they are great as comfy travel outfits.

You must have travel leggings because firstly they save a lot of space in your suitcase. If you are carrying pants instead, you have to dedicate one whole suitcase for them while leggings can be rolled into one corner of your travel bag and you are good to go.

Secondly, they are versatile and can be paired with almost anything under the sun as long as your top is covering your butt. They can easily replace your PJs, act as your workout gear, your sweats, something that you can always wear under your tunic and they can even be used as undergarments under your pants to keep you warm in winters.

Thirdly, they will bring down your laundry bill to a half as compared to pants.

Lastly, they are great for dressing up or down. You can carry a lot of stuff to wear with pants. You simple have to pack one over-sized sweater or travel tunic which will go with any pair of best travel leggings. I would pack pleather leggings to wear at formal outings. Throwing in a pair of shiny flats or heels won’t hurt as you would already have enough space for shoes and accessories as leggings fold up to the size panties. I would also include belts as part of my accessory kit as they look great when tied over long button-downs.

Best leggings for travel are Topshop leggings, Express leggings, Vera Wand leggings and Old Navy leggings.


Leggings are insanely comfortable and easy to wear. If you have kept leggings as gym-wear until now, I can assure you that they are super-easy to dress-up and worn as formals. Take a leaf out of a celebrity’s instagram page and see how they are rocking tights as casuals and formal wear.

Many people are confused about what and what not to wear with leggings. It’s a very tricky item and if it’s not paired with the correct piece of clothing, it can become a fashion faux pas.

Here are some tips on how you can make leggings part of your daily wardrobe:

How to wear tunics with leggings

Tunics with leggings are a popular choice for many. Asymmetric tunic tops for leggings create an interesting silhouette by lengthening you through additional vertical lines. Tunic tops for women over 50 should be loose and flowy which work well with fitted leggings. You can look for summer tunics and leggings or cute tunic tops for the Fall season at Topshop and H&M stores at a reasonable price.




How to wear dresses with leggings

You can buy long dressy tops to wear with leggings without any qualms about it as they are a no-fail anytime. One look I really like is a loose dress with leggings pushed up underneath.  Legging under a dress is perfect for relaxing at home, or wearing to yoga class. Also, I absolutely love the dress, leggings and boots combination for Fall. It’s great because it keeps you warm, especially if worn with tall boots that cover almost all your legs. Moreover, I would recommend boots and black leggings under a dress like a long vest, a tied dress or even a floral dress. Layering with oversized, longer tops can also add so much personality to your non-pants and you can keep you rear-end covered that way too.

Long tunic sweaters to wear with leggings

This will be the ideal winter look I would go for. You can make it high-end and chic by using the right combination of colors.

Layering over leggings

For the FALL season, add layering using jackets, coat and mufflers with dark leggings to add drama to your winter wardrobe.

Plaid tops to wear with leggings

Plaid tops with pleather jeggings and sneakers are a no-fail look.

Hoodies to wear with leggings

Leggings are great with hoodies if you are about town.

Long tops to wear over leggings

Long tops are a very safe option as they cover your butt and also make a best travel outfit.

Shirts to wear with leggings

I have lots of long shirts and sweaters to wear with leggings; especially pairing your leggings with nice long v-neck shirts is great. Pull a jacket over it to make it formal if you are on a fancy outing. You can also replace the jacket with a black blazer

Striped shirts to wear with leggings

Stripes, when paired with leggings of a similar color, give a classic feel to your outfit. They look great paired with leggings of a similar color.

T shirts to wear with leggings

Tee shirts make a more comfy outfit when worn with leggings instead of jeans. They look lovelier when put together with cute boots.

Blazers with leggings

Black leggings with a white blazer is a classy outfit and you can never go wrong with this look.


What kind of shoes can be worn with leggings?


Leggings and flats are peas-in-a-pod. You can never go wrong when pairing them both so when in doubt, rest your case by simply picking cute pumps, and it would be a bonus if they match the color of your leggings as they make your legs look longer.


Boots and leggings are best for Fall. It keeps you warm and tall boots will cover most of your legs.


Wearing heels with leggings is not everyone’s cup of tea and I will recommend them to those who can carry it with grace.

Leggings are all the rage these days so you better embrace this takeover like a style diva!


Five Trending Colors for Pantone In 2017

Five Trending Colors for Pantone In 2017

According to Pantone, “for Autumn/Winter 2016/17,1 we explore color that is “real” and “unreal”, absent and present and a mixology of what is in between. We are polarized between colors that are simple, honest and unassuming and stronger, more saturated tones that make a bold statement. For those in the middle? A third platform of color that connects and bridges our desire to be sober or intoxicated, quiet or loud – or both at the same time.”

This fall, the fashion weeks have taken us on a very earthy, natural journey with its multifaceted, androgynous color palette which exudes warmth and brings us closer to Mother Nature. Be it hues of blue or lush greens or pretty pastels, not only all the colors can be taken as unisex, they can also be juxtaposed against each other to bring out a vibrancy we seldom saw in the past seasons. When you adorn these pantones, it will be you speaking through those shades as they can reflect the inner you with their beautiful, celestial aura. Here is a short description for all the pantones; highlighting their uniqueness and effortless sophistication. Decide for yourself which one will compliment your personality best.


PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara

Niagara Blue absolutely cannot be missed in the pantone palette this fall. It undeniably takes precedence over all others with its cool, calm vibe. There is a certain sophistication associated with this color and yet a subtle vibrancy which is exciting.

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

This Primrose Yellow Pantone is so exotic with a spicy mustard undertone. Surprise your fellows by adorning this uplifting and vibrant shade and add the unexpected to your wardrobe for a change. Designers employed geometric and abstract accents this fashion week to make this color stand out more.

PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

This powerful Lapis Blue is ahead of all other pantones due to its versatility. It can be paired with all its shades. If we run an overview of the fall/winter trends this fashion week, we could see how the navy blue has been juxtaposed against cobalt blue and a lovely teal to form a bold statement. Myriads of designers used it in the naval officer coat trends, slip dresses, skirts, turtlenecks and maxi dresses.

PANTONE 17-1462 Flame

This flaming, mysterious red/orange surely set the runway on fire this fall and was much welcomed amongst other subtle options. Flame is immediately pleasing to the eye with its sensual and warm vibe. It pantone added so much dynamic and confidence to whatever piece it was ingrained into and totally slayed in velvets and furs. No table was left unturned to maximize the use of this pantone; from lip colors to bags to shoes, to splendid evening gowns, it absolutely looked ravishing.

PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise

This light as a feather Island Paradise sky blue evokes such beautiful feelings in a person like breaking free and flying high in the ever-blue skies.

Many designers mixed Island Paradise with Lapis Blue to form monochromatic outfits and fur pieces that left us shouting for more. Its enliving and powerful potential was tapped to full use in the form of angelic blue, mind-blowing, evening gowns and cocktails dresses.

PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood


Definitely one of the most delicate colors this fall, pale dogwood was found in abundance on the runway. It’s a welcoming dustier shade of pink which exudes warmth and brings an element of suspense to the wearer. It brings an upscale 60’s twist to the forefront with its soft pink hue and looks fabulous on gowns and dresses and fur coats.

.PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery

Greenery pantone brings to mind the freshness of lush meadows foliage. It is an elevation from the natural greens towards a very sophisticated and rich color palette. Whichever designer employed it in their collection, it brought elegance to the runway.

Pantone 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

This shade of pink stood out amongst it relatively dull counterparts like a ray of sunshine. With its freshness and vibrancy, it can be taken as a festive color and only the ones young at heart would understand what kind of feelings this pink could evoke. It peaked out of many monochromatic outfits in the form of statement jewelry or a bag and also in form of a main color employed in pantsuits and skirts.

PANTONE 18-0107 Kale

The love for military suits and khakis hasn’t died down yet from the previous season and we saw that the runway was ruled by the adventurous pantone Kale this time around. This earthy tone was circulated on safari themed slouchy pants, tops and puffer jackets. Olive green and khaki were juxtaposed to form some outstanding dresses.


PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut

Hazelnuy is a very stable, reassuring and rooted kind of shade and gives off those wintery vibes. It has a hearty, pleasing, approachable feel to it. Designers took a very grounded and organic approach by tastefully matching it with other pantones. It was a favorite color for the trench coat line which is one fashion statement which is definitely here to stay.


Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends


What Are The Trends For Fall/Winter 2016 -2017

What Are The Trends For Fall/Winter 2016 -2017

Each year fashion weeks give us a new style mantra and we follow suit by heading to the stores to pick our favorite pieces. This time it’s no different. Trends this fall had a very measured and muted color pallet. Earthy shades with an occasional hit of bold red or deep burgundy were accompanied by a deluge of mauve and pink. The coolest part of this season’s apparel was that most separates used to compliment statement pieces are probably lying right there at the back of your closet. So those white button-downs, silk tunics, over-seized sweaters and hoodies in your wardrobe will now come in handy.

List of trends to follow

Age is just a number but when you are beyond your 30s, you don’t want to look like a wannabe teenager in halter tops and skimpy dresses.  Our job is to pick and choose trends from the fall collection that are more suited for a working woman who can attend personal and professional gatherings in them.

This coming season, you must have the following outfits in your closet to pull off an elegant and stylish look:

Puffer and Leather Jackets

You can replace your denim jacket you roughed up in the 20s with a leather one now. Also, this season’s glossy and colorful puffer jackets and shearling bombers worn over midi dresses and kick flares will give you a promising look for winters.


This fall, add a turtleneck to your wardrobe and you are good to go. Style it with some of the lightweight pieces in your closet and you will be bang on trend! It is super-easy to carry off without worrying about your body type and totally legitimize those slinky slips, and low cut cocktail dresses when you wear them over long sleeve shirts in broad daylight!

Cashmere Sweater

A soft cashmere sweater paired with a pencil skirt is the ‘it’ outfit to be worn at office or dinners.

Trench coats

Chic yet functional patent leather trench coats are absolutely drool-worthy. Wear them over denims for the streets and as office-wear when combined with a sheath dress.


Pantsuits got a reincarnation this season and we are not complaining at all. Perfect for every body type, they have now become the ‘it’ trend. They are slim, stylish and suitable for boardroom meetings as well as a night out.

Mini-skirt suites

Stop worrying about your age. You can still rock the mini-skirt like anything. Pull out those white-button downs from your closet and pair them with color-contrasting tweeds for your office look.


Ruffles are so fall with that layering factor! This year, they came with wearable designs and are no longer over-the-top. You can fashion structured ruffled tops over silk pants for formal evenings.

Sheath dresses

If you are a woman in your 30s, you want a more collected look; something that gives off sophisticated vibes, and sheath dresses are one of those outfits. Sheath dresses with stand-out prints can really flatter your frame and are super-easy to carry off with style.   

Plaid Overcoats

This year, take inspiration from menswear and stack your closet with a couple of plaid coats in subtle, muted tones which can be pulled over cocktail dresses or outerwear too.

Double-breasted coats and blazers

You must be having both these in your closet but you can now totally nail the ‘woman with substance’ look with elegance by adding a wool or tuxedo blazer to your collection as well.



Fall Fashion Trends To Look Out For

Fall Fashion Trends To Look Out For

The most anticipated Fashion Week of the year has ended with a big bang and this season left us in a daze with its in-your-face, audacious and bold pieces bordering on shear cheek and brazenness.

The style mantra has taken a total U-turn from last year’s bright hues and moved towards a more measured and muted color pallet. The earthy shades with an occasional hit of bold red or deep burgundy were accompanied by a deluge of mauve and pink, glitter lurex and electro furs, daring you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the coming winters with an eccentric twist.

The coolest part of this season’s apparel was that most separates that were employed to accessorize statement pieces are probably lying right there at the back of your closet. So it’s time you took out those piles of white button-downs, silk tunics, long shoes, over-seized sweaters and hoodies and the fancy gloves as they will complete your fall look to a T!

The Leather Takeover!

The winter collection was rampant with leather details and leather jackets. We absolutely loved the sharp shoulders, puffy volume, oversized streetwear and corseted leather waists. All these key trends came together to create an explosive silhouette and we cannot wait to adorn it!

Here is a round-up of the dominant fashion trends from New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion Weeks.


The spaghetti-strapped slip dress is one summer trend that made a smooth transition towards the winter season by employing leather as its main forte along with lace-trimmed silk and velvet. Go for a lot of layering, plunge v-necks and midi lengths to complete your look.

Puffer Jackets

This season’s puffer jackets were glossy and colorful with a playful take on proportions. We love the crop, oversized and overlong jackets that will keep us warm without compromising style.

Fur Stoles

The cross body fur stoles taught us new asymmetrical draping styles.

Knee High Boots

Knee highs are back with a bang and they were paired this fall with almost every look. The patent leathers are always the safest way to go, along with velvet and choose those printed ones if you are in a mood to experiment. Lengths varied from just below the knee to thigh skimming styles and we just cannot wait to put them on!

Bonfire Palettes

Flame reds, glowing oranges and burnt auburns were a welcome respite after a flurry of muted collections. The autumnal palette was truly inspiring and we are impatient to dig deeper into this awesome trend!


This fall, add a turtleneck to your wardrobe and you are good to go. Style it with some of the lightweight pieces in your closet and you will be bang on trend!


Frills and ruffles from the Spring collections have effortlessly transformed themselves for the cooler months in the form of a long sleeve. The frill details could be seen in the blouse sleeves, on front of dresses, even on sweaters and we are not complaining at all!


Keep those metallic tones ready for the Fall as they could conveniently be a part of your knife pleat skirts, footwear and assorted accessories. Copper, purple and emerald shades are the go-to colors if you are tired of gold and silver.


Handbags came with embellished guitar straps which will definitely stir the rockstar in you. Weird ways in which you can hold your bags definitely got us thinking. Hmmm…

 Hoodies & Sweaters

Athleisure is still trending from the previous Fall so match your oversized sweaters and hoodies with the color trends of this season. Reinvent them as elongated sweaters with oversized sleeves and side slits.

Shapely Sleeves

Be a doer and acquire this trend to look super relevant this Fall.

Mini-skirt suites

Remember Cher’s mini-skirts in Clueless? If you were a fan then don’t worry, the trend is back in 2016. Be creative and style those color-contrasting tweeds with a white T-shirt and a hoodie and you are good to go!


The freezing cold weather is an excellent excuse to flaunt these over the top, embellished gloves. The leather and knitted ones will definitely keep you warm!


Now you will be wearing raincoats as a fashion statement as much as for saving yourself from the downpour! The chic yet functional patent leather trench coats are absolutely drool-worthy and help you finish up your jacket in a classic twist.




One-Shoulder Trends



Long Coats

Leather was a true winner throughout this Fall’s outer wear!