Styling Tips For A Job Interview

Styling Tips For A Job Interview
One of the most daunting tasks ahead of a job interview is choosing a business style outfit which will make a long-lasting impression at your new job. It is completely normal to be nervous before an interview and you must have practiced your introductory lines in front of the mirror a million times, but do not let all that anxiety impair your dressing sensibilities. It is imperative that you invest in your appearance as much as your resume in order to nail the interview. There are four things that you should put your focus on before selecting your wardrobe:

  1. Are you comfortable in that outfit?
  2. Does it give you confidence?
  3. Does it look professional?
  4. Does it reflect your own personal style?
  5. What kind of style statement are you aiming for?

Fashion is in a constant state of flux but it is very important that you maintain your own personal style. You must know the do’s and don’ts of business style attire and at the same time be on top of the fashion radar.

Here we will lead you through a list of styling tips that will help you breeze through the job interview and make sure your look becomes your career asset and not a liability:

The Sophisticated Look:

Sophisticated office wear can really keep you on the safe side especially when it is your job interview. Experiment with different men inspired looks. A dark-colored suit or a blazer with a statement piece of jeweler will provide you full marks in the style department. Take your inspiration from the current fashion weeks and go for pantsuits and jumpsuits. A skirted power suit paired with a light colored cotton shirt can be styled with bright colored shoes and matching handbag.  A suit commands respect and gives off all those serious vibes. Accessorize it with a necklace or earrings. As long as you have styled your look and made it office-appropriate, you can even wear sport luxe sweatshirts with classy pencil skirts. Pair your look with a hat and super sexy heels and you are good to go.

Simplistic Feminine Look:

If you love wearing dresses and skirts, let your inner stylist out and think up good ways you can convert your dresses into something with a professional punch.  Go for the elegant look by wearing a wrap blouse with tweed or flowy skirts. Finish off your look with a skinny waist belt. A muted turquoise or deep red dress will also make you stand out in a bunch of potential candidates outside your new office. Don’t accessorize much and make sure the dress has appropriate neckline and hemline. Round off your look with a cross-body bag and a pair of black heels or ballet flats. Dresses can also be paired with smart blazers and make you look casual smart.

Business Casual Look:

Invest in a good pair of quality dress pants and skinny jeans which can then be worn with a sweater, a men-shirt or a structured top. You can also go for chic silk chiffon button downs. You don’t have to be boring. Select a top with interesting details and pair them with peep-toe fashion-forward, moderate heels. Side parted hair with a side ponytail can complete your look. Just combine three simple, yet extremely versatile pieces to form a business style outfit and carry a tote or briefcase as arm candy.

Glamorous Look:

If you can carry sky-high heels and bright lips perfectly, you are welcome to the glamour department. Here we would advise you to glam up your look with statement golden necklaces, oversized bags, silk tops and pencil skirts in rich fabric. Just embrace every bling that comes your way with style and don’t be afraid to flaunt those expensive pieces in your wardrobe. The key here is to not go overboard or look non-serious. Let the professional in you peek through all that glam in nice proportions with a blazer, coat or thin belt over your dress.

Careless Chic Look:

If you are street-style smart, you can pull off anything with sophistication with minimum detail. Play with shapes and clash different style items to create interesting silhouettes with high heels as footwear. You can experiment with culottes, flared pants, blazers over T-shirts, whatever defines your street-style look best.