Invest In a Professional Photographer

Invest In a Professional Photographer

Every girl dreams of a magical wedding. The day she gets besotted, she lets her imagination take her to the land of fairies and princesses, surrounded by a thousand crystal chandeliers, flowers and love all around. She envisages herself and her handsome groom, covered in fairy dust, standing below intricately knit arbors; saying the two words ‘I do’; which will bind them infinitely, irrevocably, forever.

These moments are meant to be captured just like they were imagined and only a good photographer can create memories that can be reminisced way past their time. Therefore investing in a good photographer would be the wisest decision you will ever make on your wedding.

Five Reasons why one should invest in a professional photographer

  1. Wedding expenses have skyrocketed in the past few years and in a bid to follow the hottest trends, couples spend a chunk of their budget on booking lavish venues, ridiculously extravagant cuisines and day inspirations. It’s important to note that DIY tin can lanterns and paper flower arrangements that might seem terrific on Pinterest and Youtube, will probably look like junk if they are not captured on reel by a highly creative photographer. Also, copying every cool new trend blindly is not the wisest thing to do as current trends will eventually fade with time only to be replaced by something even better.
  2. A few years down, your wedding album should look gorgeous and elegant, not a testimonial to how much budget you dished out at the decorations that day. Without spending the budget on random extras, keep your focus on creating something timeless, simple and classic which would translate nicely onto a wedding album even when viewed after 30 years.
  3. Treasured moments, if not captured on time, are gone forever. In a bid to save their budget, instead of hiring a professional photographer, couples tend to rope in a friend or relative who is good with a DSLR with a popular Instagram following to do the photographer’s They don’t realize that there is so much more than a click of a button that goes into a single shot. Those who think,“why should I spend thousands of dollars on something that lasts only a single day?” should know that once the day ends, wedding photos are the only way they can re-live the moments from the most important day of their life.
  4. An experienced photographer can make your wedding look even better than it actually was. They know how to add those meaningful touches and details to your photos and capture all those sweet emotional moments that can only be felt when two people come together to form a bond of love. At the same time, a failed photographer can make a million dollar wedding look like total crap as they wouldn’t know when to take the best shots.
  5. A good photographer can anticipate things before they happen and have the ability to highlight beautiful aspects of your day that even you might not be aware of. They possess the expertise to produce well-composed shots and bring out the best in your wedding using excellent lighting techniques.

The best part of investing in a good photographer is that when you open your wedding album, it reads like a storybook, revealing the events of your wedding in a dream like manner where emotions are uncovered, one stunning shot at a time, till its conclusion.