There are many styles of skirts to select from. The most fun part of wearing a skirt is that it has a personality of its own and ups your style game when worn with any suitable top. One should know which skirt would suit their body type best and then they are free to play with colored and patterned skirts with varying cuts. Here we will give you an analogy for each type of skirt and their wear ability according to each body type along with throwing in a few brands where you can find the skirt of your choice.

A-Line Skirt

Popular amongst curvier women, an A-line shirt obviously takes a shape of an ‘A’ with its tight waist line emphasizing thighs and hips and then it flares up at the bottom

Standout Feature: they draw attention to the waistline
Basic Length: Knee, ankle, calf length A-line skirts are acceptable
Best option For: Curvier Women or Hourglass Shape along with Pear and Apple Shaped women can carry them best
Worst Option: Very petite or Rectangle Shaped girls should avoid them
Best Occasion: Formal or Casual Wear
Pair This up with: Cotton or woolen Blazer, Well-fitted shirt, Corset, T-shirt, Heels, Boots
Fabric: Silk, Cotton, Wool, Linen, Lace
Best Brands: 

1.     Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical skirts are super interesting with varying lengths on the hem and are also known as high-low skirts.

Standout Feature: they are very elegant
Basic Length: Varying Lengths
Best option For: Taller women with well-toned bodies can carry them well
Worst Option: it is not a good option for very slim women
Best Occasion: can be worn at the beach or pool parties or as casual wear
Pair This up with: Full-sleeved buttoned-up Shirt and High heeled Lace Boots
Fabric: they can found in brocade, silk, lace and linen materials
Best Brands:





 Aquilano Rimondi


2.     Denim Skirt

Denim or jeans skirts are popular with cowboy styles and are usually embellished with laces and other fabrics for a more fashionable look.

Standout Feature: The denim fabric
Basic Length: All lengths
Best option For: Well-toned bodies or triangular and hourglass figures can carry it well
Worst Option: plump women should not wear them
Best Occasion: For casual wear in winters
Pair This up with: They look amazing with high boots and a denim jacket
Fabric: Denim
Best Brands: NEXT, Gucci, Britney Spears, Hobo, Sydney Evan, Canali, Independent


  1. Flared Skirt

Derived from A line skirts, flared skirts are wider at the hemline. They are a bit wider at the bottom and can be adapted to semi-dressy or formal wear depending on the material used.

Standout Feature: they add height to the body
Basic Length: they can be worn up to ankle length, knee length or calf length
Best option For: It is best for petite or statuesque girls because the extra flare covers the fat over thighs and hips
Worst Option: Plump and ample shaped women are advised not to wear them
Best Occasion: It can be worn to parties or as casual and formal wear. It is also best for interviews
Pair This up with: They look classy when paired with cardigans, tank-tops, and t-shirts with high-heels as footwear
Fabric: Nets, satin, cotton, lace and linen is the fabric of choice depending on the occasion
Best Brands: Calvin Theory, Tiny, Token, Cazal

  1. Godet Skirt


These skirts are great for those who have a wider waist. They create a slimming look because the fabric is inserted in triangular pieces from the body to the hemline to enhance the volume.

Standout Feature: Draws attention from the waist to the hemline to create a slimming effect

Basic Length: it can be worn till the ankles or at knee and calf length
Best option For: Hourglass Shape, Pear shape, Apple Shaped
Worst Option for: Rectangle Shaped or Statuesque should not be wearing godet skirts
Best Occasion: Formal as well as casual wear
pair This up with: it looks fabulous with t-shirts, blazers, corsets with heels or boots

Fabric: they are available in every fabric ranging from linen, cottons to silks, wool and georgette
Best Brands: Canali, Tedora, Inbarni, and Tom Ford


  1. Gored Skirt

These skirts also employ fabric stitched together in triangular pieces but it is different from gordet skirts because the fabric is stitched midway from the hemline and not from the top. They need constant ironing to keep the seams straight.

Standout Feature: It provides ease of movement
Basic Length: Below Knee-Length
Best option for: it looks super-sexy on well-toned legs and hourglass or pear-shaped figures
Worst Option: it is not advisable for skinny, rectangle shaped or statuesque women to adorn this type of skirts
Best Occasion: it is best for pool parties and beach wear
Pair this up with: paired with tights and ballet flats, they can make any woman sizzle due to their super-cool shape
Fabric: it can be found in the market in the following fabrics

Ponte Knits




Rayon Blends

Best Brands: Versus, Jura, Chilewich

  1. Gypsy/Tiered Skirt


Gypsy skirts are fitted around the waist in an A-line style but they are usually worn as long skirts. Ruffled and wrinkled horizontal tiers of fabric are attached to the hem to give a flowy effect and give shape to the body.

Special Feature: it is shaped in a way that the hem is more prominent
Basic Length: these are ankle length skirts
Best option For: best advisable for women with pear, apple shaped or hourglass figures or women with a curvy body
Worst Option: Rectangle Shaped or Statuesque women should not pick these skirts and additional crinkling and paneling of the skirt on pear-shaped women should also be avoided because t draws attention to the hip area
Best Occasion: they are best for a casual outing
Pair This up with: they can be paired up with Cotton or woolen Blazers, t-shirts and denim jackets and boots and heels go nicely with the overall look
Fabric: they can be found in Georgettes, silks and cotton cloth
Best Brands: Primark, GAP, River Island, Debenhams, Ralph Lauren


  1. High-Waisted Skirt

Tied high at the waist, these are tightly buttoned skirts around your true waist and mostly come with embellishments at the waistline.

Standout Feature: they Flatter your waistline
Basic Length: All Lengths are suitable for this type of skirt
Best option for: if you have a toned waistline and hipline, high-waisted skirts are highly recommended for a flattering silhouette.
Worst Option: Heavy-set Women should not wear them

Best Occasion: they look great in plaids and can be worn casually or formally
Pair this up with: huge belts, blazers and crop tops look super-cute when paired with high-waisted skirts
Fabric: Cotton, you can find them in the market in woolen material as well as cotton, leather and knitted.
Best Brands: Marks and Spencer, Atmosphere, Primark, TopShop



  1. Layered Skirt

These skirts are voluminous because layers of fabric are stitched one above the other from the hemline.

Standout Feature: it adds a lot of volume to the body
Basic Length: Above Knee Length, Knee-length and Calf-length
Best option for: slim, thin-framed girls can carry these skirts fabulously
Worst Option: Pear Shaped and apple shaped figures are not suitable for layered skirts

Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Casual
Pair This up with: layered skirts give you a very carefree, easy breezy aura when paired with cardigans, tank tops or tees with a hat and heels to add measure
Fabric: they are a class above the rest when worn in lush material such as satin, silk, linen, lace and nets
Best Brands: Marks and Spencer, Zara, Next, River Island, Per Una


  1. Maxi Skirt

These skirts are one of the most comfortable ones and keep you covered in winters due to their waist to ankle length.

Standout Feature: it is suitable for all seasons
Basic Length: Ankle-length
Best option for: tall and Hourglass figures can carry it best on their waists

Worst Option: Short and Apple Shaped should avoid wearing maxi skirts
Best Occasion: Casual wear
Pair this up with: maxi skirts can be paired with just about anything to make a statement e.g. denim blazers, cardigans and crop tops. They look really cool when belted around the waist with some cool boots to go along with the look.
Fabric: you will mostly find chiffon, linen and cotton maxi skirts on the rounds
Best Brands: Cluse, Yoki, Zuny, lemaire

  1. Mermaid/Fishtail Skirt

Mostly kept for formal outings, mermaid skirts are fitted at the top, fuller around the hips, narrow down on the knees and then flare out at the heels like a fish cut.

Standout Feature: you can flaunt your figure to a maximum in a mermaid skirt due to its curvy cut
Basic Length: Calf-length and Ankle-length are common
Best option For: those with a perfect, well-toned body and hourglass figure can totally nail the mermaid skirt look
Worst Option: Heavy-bottomed women should not attempt to take up this look
Best Occasion: it is strictly for parties and formal outings
Pair This up with: you can pull on a  Buttoned-in Shirt, crop top or Halter Tops over this skirt for a classy look
Fabric: mostly found in: Silk, Linen and Georgette
Best Brands: Zoppini, Camilla, Inverni


  1. Mini and Micromini Skirts

Mini skirts are strictly for casual, informal outings. Due to its hemline that lands just above the knee, it barely covers your legs and is inappropriate to be part of an office wardrobe. It is advisable to wear them with a bodysuit underneath.

Standout Feature: it’s a perfect wardrobe option for younger women
Basic Length: Above Knees, Midway Thighs
Best option For: it is perfect to pull off a tomboyish look
Worst Option: it doesn’t suit muscular or tall women at all
Best Occasion: you can wear them to cheer-leading events or friends party
Pair This up with: pair your mini skirt with high boots or sneakers as footwear and a fitted top, or full-sleeved shirt on top
Fabric: it is available in varied textures such as corduroy, cotton, chiffon and linen
Best Brands: Teva, The Gigi, The Bridge


  1. Peasant Skirt

Inspired by the peasant culture of wearing rugged, wrinkled fabric with different fabrics adjoined to form one piece of skirt, the peasant skirt is now a great casual wear outfit. Those who are looking for a bohemian touch to their outfit can adorn these skirts and they look great when accessorized with gaudy belts and jewelry.

Standout Feature: they are ethnic
Basic Length: they are always worn Ankle-length
Best option for: they are flattering on anybody regardless of your shape
Worst Option: Very Slim women might not look great in these
Best Occasion: Casual Wear
Pair This up with: they are multi-faceted and can be paired with any kind of top to form different looks. Denim jackets, woolen cardigans and t-shirts are a good choice when worn with boots or flats.
Fabric: Knit-Wool, cotton and linen
Best Brands: came, Tedora, Taylor Says

  1. Pencil/Tube Skirt

Pencil skirts have a straight cut and are very tight at the knees. One must know how to walk with ease when wearing a pencil skirt. They are straight and very tight at the knees. If not worn by a proper body type these can be a perfect disaster!!

Standout Feature: Flaunts your hipline
Basic Length: Knee-length, Calf-length, Ankle-length
Best option For: Strictly hourglass figured women should try this look.

Worst Option: Muscular and Heavy-bottomed women should stay away from them
Best Occasion: Party-Wear and Formalwear
Pair this up with: kinds of tops that go with a pencil skirt are:


Buttoned-in Shirts

Sleeve tops


Contrast Belts and Blazers

Fabric: Linen and Silk create a more flattering look followed by woolen or cotton material
Best Brands:


Ivanka Trump

Issey Miyake


  1. Pleated skirts

These skirts are your best wardrobe option when you don’t have enough time for ironing. With vertical pleats all over its length, the skirt appears to open up when one is walking which is a nice effect.

Standout Feature: the best last minute choice out f your skirt wardrobe
Basic Length: any length is suitable
Best option For: it works for All body types
Worst Option: Apple shaped or very plump women are advised not to follow this trend
Best Occasion: Party-Wear and Casual
Pair This up with: T-shirts, Shirts, Pullovers, Cardigans, Tank tops, Heels, Hats, Cardigan vest

Fabric: Net, Lace, Satin, Silk

Best Brands:

Carol Christian Poell

Carole Hochman


Carolee Lux

Carolina Bucci


  1. Sarong skirt


It is great for beach wear.

Standout Feature: great for Beachwear
Basic Length: Ankle-length
Best option For: Women with well-toned waists
Worst Option: Plump women should not wear them
Best Occasion: for the beach
Pair this up with: Tees, Tube Tops, Tank Tops with Flip-flops and Gladiators
Fabric: Satin,silk, cotton and Georgette
Best Brands: Chicnova, Dolce & Gabbana, Dondup


  1. Straight Skirt

Unlike A-line skirts, straight skirts maintain the same width from the waist to the hemline and they clung to the figure more.

Standout Feature: they are great if you want to flaunt your perfect figure
Basic Length: calf-length, knee-length and Ankle-length is good
Best option for: strictly for well-toned body types
Worst Option: Heavy bottomed women should not wear the
Best Occasion: it can be supported at formal outings as well as parties and casual wear
Pair This up with: any nice top would go with it like cardigans, t-shirts or shirts with heels
Fabric: they are great in silk, woolen, and cotton fabrics
Best Brands: Marks and Spencer, chanel


  1. Tutu Skirt

A tutu is made of a standout fabric called Tule and is categorized as a ballet dress and now is the norm at parties because of its popularity at the fashion weeks.

Standout Feature: it Adds extra Volume just below your waistline
Basic Length: Above Knee-Length, Knee-length
Best option for: Hourglass, Pear Shaped, Inverted Triangle
Worst Option: Very heavy bottomed girls, Apple Shaped
Best Occasion: Party-Wear
Pair this up with: Halter Tees, T-shirts and Tank tops worn over a tutu is just fine. Accessorize with a headband for a sweet look

Fabric: Linens, Silk, Satin, Lace and Nets
Best Brands: H&M, Fendi, Dondup


  1. Wrap Skirt

A rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around your waist which then takes the shape of a skirt, it can be fastened with a button or a tie.

Standout Feature: a women with any body type can carry this look with perfect ease
Basic Length: Above Knee Length, Knee-length, Ankle Length or Calf-length are fine
Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Beachwear and Casual wear
Pair This up with: they look remarkable under Halter Tees, T-shirts and Tank Tops with Sandals and a hat
Fabric: Linens, Silk and Satin are the most used fabric for wrap skirts
Best Brands:  Gilt, Gucci